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Knowing the why of the creation—the Mother

by on December 9, 2012

I have a sort of impression of knowing the why of the creation.

It was to realize the phenomenon of a consciousness which would have at once an individual consciousness – the individual consciousness we have naturally – and a consciousness of the whole, a consciousness (how to put it?) … it could be called global. But both consciousnesses merge into something … which we have yet to find.

A consciousness at once individual and total. And all the work is to merge the two consciousnesses in a consciousness which is both at once. That is the next realization.

For us it takes time (what is translated for us as time), as if it were something “being done,” or which is “to be done.” But that is the illusion we’re still in. Because we have not … we have not yet crossed over to the other side.

But the individual consciousness is not at all a falsehood, it has to be associated with the consciousness of the whole so as to make another kind of consciousness which at the moment we still don’t have. Not that it will cancel out the other, you understand? There has to be an adjustment, a different aspect, I don’t know … so that the two can manifest simulta¬neously.

For example, right now I am having a whole series of experiences concerning the latent power of creation of the individual consciousness, I mean the capacity we have of knowing things – knowing or wanting them, as we say – in the individual consciousness before they take place. We say “I want this,” but that’s merely an intermediary device, it’s actually the consciousness on the way to something and having at once the vision of what is to be and the capacity to realize it.
That’s the next stage. Afterwards….

So, for us, meaning for the individual consciousness, that is translated by time, the time it takes to…. I don’t know how to say it.

This is the way I feel: no longer this, not yet that; and there’s no need to leave one to be the other – the two must combine and give birth to something new.

I have a very strong feeling I have caught the true thing, as if I held (Mother clenches her fist) the tail of the true thing. And it explains everything – absolutely everything. And it cancels nothing.

The question is to know if this (the body) will be able to follow…. To follow, it not only has to last, but it has to acquire a new strength and a new life. That I don’t know. In any case, it doesn’t matter – the conscious¬ness is clear, and the consciousness is not subject to this (Mother points to her body). If it can be used, so much the better, if not…. There are still things to be found.

Oh, many things to be found! The old routine is over.

It’s over.

We need to find the plasticity of matter – so that matter can progress forever. That’s it.

How much time will it take? I don’t know. How many experiences will it take? I don’t know. But now the direction is clear. The direction is clear.

30 October 1971

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