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So I ate my prawn, and it was very good!—The Mother

by on November 28, 2012

There was that tall fellow who watched over the Samadhi for a long time, Haradhan; he was there. And when he saw me arrive, he told me, “I have brought something for you.” And in a sort of dark-blue cloth, he had wrapped two big prawns, which he gave me! These were already cooked, ready to be eaten. The cloth wasn’t very much to my liking! So I thought, “How can I make them a little cleaner before eating them?” (Laughing) You know, it’s a farce – a farce to make you understand … your stupidity. I began by removing the … (what is it called?), it’s not “skin” … Oh, here too the word hasn’t come, but on a tangent came “cuirass”! (Laughing) Cuirass and cartilage! … Anyway … I removed that, and as soon as I had removed it, I said to myself, “You fool! Now it’s even more exposed than before!” I looked for a way, and I ran to a corner (in the place of Pavitra’s laboratory), found a water tap and put my prawn under the tap. Immediately someone told me (not “someone,” the inner voice told me [laughing]), “Your water is even dirtier than the cloth!” So the consciousness came along with the light, and I was shown with such a clear vision the relativity of the measures we take, which are all preconceived ideas, based on no true knowledge. And finally he told me, “Come on, eat, that’s the best you can do!” So I ate my prawn, and it was very good!
You know, we could write a farce. And scenes of such buffoonery! …

There are lots of them. And each with an intention … (laughing) an “educational” intention, to show the childishness in which we live.

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