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So much for their moral judgments—The Mother

by on November 22, 2012

21 August 1965
On the 15th, at the balcony, Sri Aurobindo was there. He had come and he went out on the balcony with me. I didn’t say anything to anybody, not to anybody at all. And there is a little girl, about fifteen years old now, who is considered here as a bad pupil, erratic, fanciful (they had even talked of sending her away), but once I asked her to come for her birthday, and as for me, I found her a fine girl (!) And she wrote to me two or three days ago that on the 15th, at the Darshan, she saw Sri Aurobindo on my right. And she asked (laughing), “Is it true?”

It quite amused me. I said to myself, “So much for their moral judgments on the pupils here! That’s how it is.”

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