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A Land that harboured the incarnate Flame

by on September 28, 2012

A Land that harboured the incarnate Flame
A land of mountains and wide sun-beat plains
And giant rivers pacing to vast seas,
A field of creation and spiritual hush,
Silence swallowing life’s acts into the deeps,
Of thought’s transcendent climb and heavenward leap,
A brooding world of reverie and trance,
Filled with the mightiest works of God and man,
Where Nature seemed a dream of the Divine
And beauty and grace and grandeur had their home,
Harboured the childhood of the incarnate Flame.

Over her watched millennial influences
And the deep godheads of a grandiose past
Looked on her and saw the future’s godheads come
As if this magnet drew their powers unseen.

[Savitri Foundation Edition, p. 415]
If Savitri steps from Timeless into Time, from the transcendental into the phenomenal, from the ageless into the great eras of work, from the termless into terms, of varying seasons and changing moods of the year, from the immortal realms into the conditions of transient mortality, then it appears that here is a wonderful land that has also come down to harbour her birth in this world of ours. We seem to be seeing a place which is not some familiar geographical location in the northern parts of ancient India; nor is it the poet’s imagination to glorify a rare occurrence. It is the vision from above, from the distinct gold and bright benign gracious spaces of the upper sky most appropriate for the divine Incarnate’s arrival. It is some luminous Aryavarta in the realm of the spirit projecting itself in the reality of the earth that is soul-deep and authentic. Here are flaming mountains rising in the will and determination of the birthless deathless Agni the divine Fire, and the rivers carrying tranquil waters of peace in their rush to the sea of joy, and the grasslands, and the bird and the beast in the harmony of Nature, and man looking up into possibilities of the cosmic vastnesses, and the yearning present waiting for the promised future. A place is here nestled in the wideness that is a rich bosom of infinity, it marching and expanding in the movement of the Eternal’s real-ideas.

Over her watch millennial influences. They are waiting for the birth even as much they prepare it. The Revelation is not about the victory in the final battle and the way in which we will be judged, nor of a period of great fairness and felicity in this world of the earth, that Satan is bound and the Kingdom of God goes forth, of peace and happiness in the coming future. It could be that, but is something far more than that. It is a millennial reign that goes beyond millennia. It is the conquest of Death to establish deathless life. Savitri has come for that, to dissolve the Mind of Night that has been standing across the path of the divine Event. She brooks no opposition:

Her single will opposed the cosmic rule.
To stay the wheels of Doom this greatness rose.

The Mother puts it as follows:

Sa volonté solitaire affronta la loi du monde.
Pour arrêter la roue fatale, cette Splendeur se leva…

This “roué fatale” must move into the wheeling seasons of joy and love and beauty and truth. The powers of the spirit are working in her and she is there to open the enormous doors of the unknown. Such is the landing place for her birth.

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