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The Mother on Savitri—A Savitri Foundation Compilation

by on September 18, 2012

Sri Aurobinod’s epic Savitri running into about twenty-four thousand lines is not only a literary masterpiece; it is the supreme revelation of his vision, and a record of his yogic and spiritual attainments. It proclaims the future of man and prepares the necessary ground for the powers of the spirit to enter into his life. As an example, it speaks of the essential sound becoming the material sound, and it is that which can give rise to new expression. These are the possibilities, and these have been most forcefully and luminously brought out by the Mother. It is that gift of hers which we value most.

Precisely it is the preciousness of it that we have attempted to put together in the present compilation. Every effort has been made to collect all the ‘writings’ of the Mother on Savitri, her avowals and pronouncements made on different occasions in different contexts. It is believed that this will form a constant source of inspiration to all the lovers of Savitri, that it will be a means for them to march on the spiritual path of progress, lead them to attainments which only Savitri can offer. If Savitri herself ascends to the vast realms of delight, brihat saubhagam, then surely it does open out a way for us all, those who wish to follow her path.

The sketch on the cover of the book is by the Mother, which she has entitled The Descent of the Supreme Mother, indicating that she is here amongst us, and what we have to do is to keep ourselves ready to receive her, in her splendour and in her glory. There is no doubt that Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri and the Mother’s revelations bring that fulfilment to us. We can then always live in the Mantra the Rishi-Poet has given to us:

Let us meditate on the most auspicious form of Savitri,
on the Light of the Supreme
which shall illumine us with the Truth.

Savitri Foundation is happy that it can offer its soul for this realisation.

The book can be obtained from Amazon:

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