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A Letter from Bengaluru Study Circle to the Managing Trustee of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

by on July 1, 2012

Dear Sir,

We, the devotees in Bengaluru, are really not surprised that despite mounting protests Peter Heehs continues to brazen it out in the Ashram. This only reinforces our conviction that he is one of an insidious mafia that is strongly committed to destroying the heart and soul of this country by infiltrating and undermining its spiritual institutions in every way. Peter’s publications so far, including his book, are solely intended to smear and serve this dark purpose. All those gullible knights in shining armour who spring up in his defense from time to time do not evidently realize that they are being fooled by a dangerous Pied Piper who has a sinister agenda of his own.

Peter poses a far greater threat than meets the eye. Has he not already lured away the media, the political class, self-styled “intellectuals”, uninformed public at large and the high and mighty not to speak of sundry busy bodies? Has he not successfully wrested his extended stay in this country for yet another year in the face of stiff opposition? Has he not polarized the entire community of the Ashram and associated bodies for the first time ever into two warring camps—the “Pro” and the “Anti”? Has he not in effect reduced all of us to a set of jackanapes eating out of his hand? Aren’t these enough evidences of his evil prowess at work when it comes to the question of him having his way?

Somewhere down the road we seem to have lost our resistance to invading barbarians— resistance that would have remained impregnable if only we had been truly sincere in our allegiance to the Divine. This allegiance is now in shreds as we have succumbed to the temptation of pursuing self-centred interests no matter what the cost or consequences. This is today our greatest failing and weakness, our gaping Achilles heel, as it were, which has invited the blow in the form of Peter. How else do we explain our blind eye, nay, even active support to this mole planting himself in the Ashram and burrowing with impunity in his vile mission of vilifying the Masters? Our inexplicable indulgence of him for as long as (hold your breath!) four decades has now exploded in our face. This is a grave crisis of many dimensions—a crisis quite surprisingly not so perceived by a venerable section in the Ashram, a crisis that has nonetheless convulsed devotees and enlightened countrymen alike as never before, a crisis that has also betrayed the worst in us.

Peter’s book is an insult, a slap on every self-respecting Indian and intended as such. It is an assault on certain deeper values that are simply beyond this man’s comprehension, an assault on those whom we deeply revere as our Masters in the privacy of our souls. The book has already got its just deserts at the hands of our Judiciary. It is now the turn of the Author to be tossed on the scrap heap.

Judas is said to have betrayed Jesus. Let not the same thing be said of us. Let us show a spine and act at least now in atonement. Let us bestir ourselves and rise above our petty vanities and squabbles, our stupid egos and our silly rule books and act resolutely and decisively like men in preserving and protecting from barbarians the incomparable legacy enshrined in the Ashram. Let not the blood of this very sacred institution drench our hands for it is the blood of the memory of two of the greatest Seers of all time.

High time then to throw this squatter (called Peter) out of the Ashram and do so post-haste for God’s sake. Any more tardiness of action would bode ill for the country and is also liable to be judged as cowardice or collusion and Guru Droha.

Thanking You,
Sincerely yours,

For Sri Aurobindo Study Circle
Vaishali Ganapati Bhandari

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