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The more one realises the Divine, the more enemies one has – The Mother

by on April 26, 2012

[From CWM-CE Vol. 6, pages 168-169]

Sweet Mother, why doesn’t one receive the Divine as one receives other things?

What do you understand by “other things”?

The questions has not been put very well. Do you mean…  Here what is spoken about are the influences which pass from one person to another – is that what you mean? Why doesn’t one receive the Divine as easily as, say, one receives a neighbour’s ill will? Is that it?

Because it is not on the same plane. The neighbour’s ill will or goodwill are on the same plane, whereas the Divine belongs to another world. That’s the reason why. If you want an image: all that is on a horizontal plane in relation to you is very easily received, but all that comes from a vertical direction is much more difficult. First one must look up above, within oneself, and then open oneself so that it descends; while in the other way…   one moves like that all the time. Don’t understand?

And unfortunately, it is much easier to slide down, to fall than to climb up. It is much easier to respond to an influence which drags you down than to a force that pulls you up. Is it not more easy to go down than to climb up? If you are at a certain place and have to climb a rock, it is much more difficult than if you let yourself slide in order to go down below. Isn’t that so?

Sweet Mother, when one realises the Divine, does one no longer have enemies?

Ah, indeed! Why? I believe it is rather just the opposite.

Is it because there are adverse forces?

Yes, surely. The earth is full of adverse forces and of men who respond to these adverse forces; usually, the more one realises the Divine, the more enemies does he have around himself.

Do they act against the Divine?

Oh, yes! At least they try. I don’t know if they succeed, but they try. They try, they have always tried.

Why? The Divine hasn’t done anyone any harm!

(Laughing) You think one acts against others only when they have done some harm? Usually it is just the contrary. Can you tell me why the strong use their strength against the weak? It is not that the weak have harmed them, but simply because they have the strength and wish to use it for their own ends and want to compel the weak to obey their force, so they beat them; when they have a chance, they ill-treat them. It is not because the weak have made mistakes; it is because they want to use their strength for their own purposes, for the satisfaction of their desires.

Suppose, for instance, that there are forces in the universe which are accustomed to govern, as there are certain asuric forces governing the earth. They do not want to lose their authority. So all who put out a force which could compel them to withdraw, they attack with as much strength as they have. They do this to keep their power. But it is not because these people… in fact, you understand, it is not that they are wicked or bad. It is because the light and power they represent are completely opposed to the power represented by the other forces.

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