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In the Service Tree by Narad

by on April 23, 2012

When Mother gave me the work of caring for the Service Tree immediately after the cyclone broke the massive branch that was directly over the Samadhi, facing south, I began a program of pruning and fertilizing the tree throughout the 1970’s to 1981. During the 1980’s I lived in the U.S. and in the 1990’s once again took up the work, now with many able assistants, among them Montu and Andreas.

This is the story of a day in 1970 (or 1971, I no longer recall exactly) when I was still climbing without a safety harness, often going very high into the top of the tree to prune branches. This particular day I had much to do as there were numerous dead branches to be pruned, diseased areas to clean out, jagged edges to be smoothed, etc. Climbing throughout the tree, section by section, I came finally to the eastern side and, turning a bit north, I saw Mother in Her room! Perhaps I should not have glanced at Her golden form in that vast space where I felt no walls, but can the bumble bee not incline towards the honeyed flower? Though I could have fallen from the tree, so powerful was the experience, who kept my feet in place and my balance intact? How could one not have looked at She who is “The magnet of our difficult ascent”?

Today, more than 30 years later, I remember that moment high up in our beloved Service Tree, and Mother’s DARSHAN. Now, things are different and many of our sages and seers have commented on how long it will take for the supramental race to be established on earth. I know very little, nothing really, but I do know that She resides in us and we in Her, now and for all ages. In one of the last meetings with Nolinida here is what he said: “Your body (pointing to Mary Helen) and your body (pointing to me) and my body may all look different but they are not, they are all the same…they are all Her body, really. She has put a part of Herself into each of us”

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