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Every individual in the Ashram is a trustee – Pranab

by on April 3, 2012

[From the book “By the way”, 1st edition, published 18th October, 1997, page 49]

Richard came into the office one day and said: “Dada, I’ve read Sports Spirit and I have a question.”

“What is it?”

He had written down the question. Dada read his question and said: Why haven’t I participated in the Ashram trustees’ work? Firstly because I never felt that sort of a direction or command from within. Secondly I feel being a trustee has something to do with legality. It’s a legal body to carry out work. Anyone can become a trustee and all the trustees have to work together on a common ground. When viewpoints don’t meet there is disharmony and no work gets done. And if you want to get work done and you don’t agree with the others then you have to make a compromise. This is unfortunate. Moreover, there is no firmness in their words. Today it is like this whereas tomorrow it will be some other way. Let me give you an instance: formerly they used to call me to seek my opinion. Once there was a lot of unrest in the Press. I could see that no injustice had been done on our part. Our stand therefore was very correct and true. So I suggested that we remain strict and firm in our stand. Those who are involved in creating this unrest will, in the end, be bound to accept our stand.

After just a few days, they couldn’t keep their courage and patience. They compromised with the agitators. So you can see that if you wish to work on some principle you also need courage and firmness. There are two paths only, the path of the strong and the path of the weak. The weak will feel uncomfortable treading the path of the strong and the strong will feel uncomfortable treading the path of the weak. That’s why I keep myself apart and do my work according to my own principles. When I feel it’s necessary I say what is to be said. If they listen to it, well and good, if they don’t it doesn’t bother me.

Besides, I feel that every individual in the Ashram is a trustee. On each one rests a responsibility and a duty. And work can be done only when everyone thoughtfully does his duty.

I also feel that anyone can be a trustee of the Ashram. A trustee is not a leader, though. I have written about the qualities of a true leader. It will come out in the current issue of Sports Spirit.

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