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“Suns” by Amal Kiran

by on March 29, 2012

The golden sphere of the sun in earthly skies
Echoes a globe of God whose self is light
Hung over mortal mind in a blue of bliss.
Even as the soil’s cry feels in the warm day
A wonder-seed within whose circled deep
Glows a great life which answers all its need,
So the mind’s longing sees in that far Eye
All knowledge rounded to a rapturous whole.
Rishis have risen there and borne bright news
Back to the multitudes weeping in the dark
And time has thought the immortal hour was won.
But when the touch of this high burning orb
Lay on the gross and heavy heart of man
Each throb was a white flash, yet in between
The flashes gaped the gloom of an abyss.
The utter alchemy no dream called down.
A sun beyond this sun above the mind
Waits in a mystery beyond the blue:
A night more vast than the blind distances
Between our reveries and the flame they reach
Is spread between that flame and fathomless truth’s
Gigantic star seen like one diamond speck
Lost in a time-transcending loneliness.
Remote from the globed sun is that strange blaze –
It rounds not human knowledge but reveals
A gold in which mind’s glimmering bents are drawn
Straight by a pattern holding God’s full self
Of being and consciousness, delight and power
In a gathering of the immense to the intense,
A foursquare sun focussing eternity,
Formless perfection caught in perfect form!
Here is the all-creating primal Face
Veiled by its own projected rondure of fire
Midway the enormous gap ‘twixt earth and heaven.
Here is the all-transmuting final Face
Which shall remove that fire and make heaven earth.
That fire is man wearing the mask of God:
Here is God wearing the true face of man!

19 June 1948

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